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IT paving the way as Ujjivan Transitions to a Small Finance Bank

As an MFI, Ujjivan's IT infrastructure is considered to be the best in India and this has helped the company to emerge as the leader in MFI technologies. Ujjivan's willingness to explore and experiment with new IT innovations has enabled the company to successfully deliver financial services efficiently to customers over the years, while constantly improving the convenience of transactions via new technology.

Presently, IBM's cloud-based Virtualized Server Recovery (VSR) solution provides Ujjivan a managed, round-the-clock solution designed to support application continuity and reduces business expenses and data loss. The use of handheld devices facilitates the performance of transactions at the customer's doorstep both in online and offline modes. Further, the need to capture more data and establish new processes to meet regulatory requirements is met by IBM Filenet, the most robust software for DMS, Content Management, Workflow and Process Management. With all the best MFI technologies in place today, Ujjivan has the capability to process 4 lakh loans a month which is at par with some of the leading banks in India.

Looking ahead at the future and transforming into a Small Finance Bank (SFB), Ujjivan has brought together an impressive ensemble of world class IT majors. The best of the breed technology solutions providers for the upcoming bank IT infrastructure include Finacle Core Banking Solution from Infosys, Oracle Financials, IBM Middleware and so on. As a company whose operations will continue to remain customer-centric, Ujjivan shall be using the CRM Solution from CRMNext to ensure that every customer enjoys best-in-class service.

One of RBI's mandates to Ujjivan post the granting of the in-principle approval is that the company should expand services to the unbanked rural areas. Handheld devices and mobile banking will play a huge role in making such service a possibility. Further, Ujjivan has partnered with i-Exceed to use its Mobile Unified Platform to ensure mobility in handheld devices.

Ujjivan's Core Banking Solution and all other systems will run on the most secure and robust servers like Oracle Sun Super Cluster, CISCO Blade Servers and CISCO Routers and Switches. Keeping in mind the need for security, Ujjivan will be hosting a 3 way Data Centre consisting of a Primary Data Centre, a Disaster Recovery Data Centre and a Near Disaster Recovery Data Centre. This will ensure proper protection and a 3 way replication of data in real time.

Transitioning into a Small Finance Bank, Ujjivan is not thinking small – but thinking big for tomorrow. Ujjivan is aiming to be at par with the best players in the banking industry. Finally, the ultimate objective behind this investment in IT infrastructure is to provide better and uninterrupted service to Ujjivan's customers in order to maximize their satisfaction.

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